Nar's vision is to continue breaking the mold and pushing boundaries by integrating the latest technology with bold artistic expression all while building an amazing network of connected creatives. Establishing a deep interest in visual arts from a very young age, Nar Levoni decided to pursue his passions by attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Once at Brooks, his curious nature allowed him to explore various modalities, including classical large-format photography, portraiture, commercial and advertisement, automotive photography, and everything in between that showed potential of what the next step in visual arts was going to be. Throughout his time at Brooks, Nar also worked at the institute's equipment and studio rentals department and developed a vast technical knowledge of the range of various types of cameras and equipment used in photography and filmmaking. 

Taking on a sales and tech support role with RED Digital Cinema as his first job in the industry, Nar dove into the world of filmmaking. Throughout his time there, having advanced his gear knowledge and his growing network of filmmakers, Nar was able to launch a blooming freelance career in filmmaking after his time at RED.

Over the last decade and a half, Nar has brought artistic visions to life through every step required from pre-production to post-production. Applying all that he learned throughout his journey, he has been fortunate to work with incredible partners and clients on sensational projects. Nar’s versatility in mediums of expression, his multi-dimensional skillsets, and his expertise in troubleshooting technical and pipeline challenges, paired with his hunger for uncovering new and fresh ways to tell a story, allow him to continue to bring exponential value to any production he is involved in.

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